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Acupoint Injection Therapy

Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT) is a modern oriental medicine therapy that injects herbal formulas, homeopathics and other nutritional supplements in the form of sterile substances into acupuncture points to promote, retain, and restore health for pain management, palliative care as well as preventive care.  It is not a substitute for traditional needle acupuncture, but rather an adjunctive treatment.  AIT is may activate acupuncture points similar to the insertion of acupuncture needles with the added benefit of the herbal formulas utilized during the therapy.  AIT is associated with minimal discomfort, is quick, easy and many of the patients notice a positive response shortly after treatment. 

When is AIT therapy indicated?  Most patients are candidates for AIT therapy.  However, AIT is especially indicated for patients who do not like to take supplements, have digestive issues or experience poor compliance.  AIT is also indicated for the patient who would like to give their treatment a boost and may achieve their treatment goals quicker.

Please note that only FDA approved injectibles are offered at the center.

Call Sharon at 215-860-2660 to learn more about AIT and to dertermine if it is the right treatment for you.